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Mobius Bow Tie Wedding band – Portfolio

This pretty bow tie style platinum wedding ring was created to sit perfectly beside a unique solitaire engagement ring that we designed. The top twist, is similar to a mobius style ring, but on a much smaller and delicate scale. By including the twist, it provides a space to sit flush to the solitaire engagement ring.

We are absolutely over the moon with our rings, they are perfect. I think Sarah at first was a bit uncertain as — as you always said — the finished product was much finer than the computer mock ups showed, but she has tried it on with her engagement ring and is very happy with it, and says it’s perfect because it makes the engagement ring the star =). And I was particularly impressed with the inscription in each others’ handwriting — I really think you should push that more because it’s incredible, and so special. Gia, thank you so much for everything over the last year. You’ve been such a fantastic guide through such an important time, and we’ve got the most special results because of it.

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