14ct rose gold engagement ring and wedding ring set – Portfolio

14kt rose gold diamond ring set

Rose gold is certainly catching peoples eye at the moment. This client was so blown away by the design he decided to commission the wedding band to be made alongside the engagement ring. Taking inspiration from his partners Pinterest page it became apparent a pattern was emerging….one of diamond bands and the other,  large angular stones! As the band was to be dainty we originally focused on French setting, the only downside for the customer was the scalloped edges as he was looking for cleans lines. We adapted this to suit his vision still managing to keep the metal presence to a minimum and the focus on the stones with a surface prong setting. The Emerald cut diamond is a beautiful size at 0.75ct which was the perfect balance to offset the 1.3mm round diamonds set in the shoulders. Producing the wedding band alongside the engagement ring ensured a snug fit for the two rings and enabled the stop start positions of the mellee stones to be perfectly aligned with each other. A slight bow was also added to the wedding band to accommodate the centre diamond setting of the engagement ring. This allowed the two band to sit flush and look as though they are a matching pair.  Our client had decided to whisk his girlfriend off to Brighton for the day to celebrate her birthday. Our Victorian ring box came in handy at concealing the ring as he didn’t propose until sun set. Sat on the beach in typical English weather he popped the question using a haiku. (I didn’t know what  this was either!) This is a form of Japanese poetry consisting of 3 lines. The 1st and last lines have 5 syllables with the middle having 7. Will-you-mar-ry-me was perfect. As they say…the rest is history.


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