Bespoke Ring Costs

The reason we do not display prices on our website is because every item we make is a one-off, bespoke piece of artwork for each of our clients. Working with Durham Rose is very different to shopping with a generic high street jeweller.

We usually ask what our client’s ideal budget is and then, we work with our clients to build the best possible ring for that budget. We are used to working with clients with a range of budgets, from a hundreds pounds to several thousands of pounds, so regardless of how much you are looking to spend, we will be extremely happy to work with you to find the perfect ring. We are fully transparent about our costs throughout the entire process. During your consultation you will be shown the cost of different precious metals which your ring can be made from, as well as a breakdown cost of specific gemstones available from our ring manufacturer. You will also be able to understand the different costs that will be incurred for more complex design features. Selecting which gemstone(s) to include in your ring design can be overwhelming at times. Our staff are on-hand to guide you through the selection process and to help you understand the ins and outs of different specifications.

Bespoke Ring Quotations

Once you have designed your ring, you will receive a full quotation which will include the cost of the precious metal, the gemstone(s) used, and the ring manufacture including the setting of gemstones and the cost of hallmarking. All of our rings are made to order by a specialist ring maker and as we do not hold any stock, our overheads are dramatically reduced. We pass these benefits on to our customers, allowing you to buy more carats for your money.  If you are not happy with the design after the consultation, you are under no obligation to buy.

Durham Rose prices are typically between 10-25% less expensive than average high street prices. However due to the fact that each piece that we make is a bespoke one-off piece of artwork rather than a mass produced ring, we have a relatively high set-up cost per piece. Hence clients with a budget below £900 may find that they will get slightly better value for money by shopping on the high street or with online retailers.

Example Quotations

Below are three examples quotations. Each quotation document will open in a new window. Please note that the quotations are accurate to the date stated. Due to fluctuations in precious metal costs and diamonds pricing, costs will vary over time.

How much should you spend on a ring?

The old adage of spending two months’ salary is just one guideline and we believe that you should spend as much as you can comfortably afford. As each ring is custom-made to an individual’s specifications, it is difficult for us to give general price guides on our site. We are totally upfront about costs once we know what it is you would like in a ring so feel free to get in touch and tell us what you are looking for – we would be happy to help. If you would like to speak to one of our expert designers click here to book a free consultation. *Please note that due to daily prices fluctuations in the value of precious metals and gemstone costs, the cost of your design may vary over time until you commit to purchase.

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