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At Durham Rose, we truly believe in the power of bespoke and as long as the laws of physics allow it, we will endeavor to create each ring briefing to the client’s specifications. For this week’s ‘Ring of the Week’ project, our client approached us with a very specific idea of what he was looking for. He initially contacted us with some rough drawings in order for us to help realise his design vision. He and his partner had discussed how this design was to work. They both agreed that the main focus was to capture the evolving love this ring would symbolize by producing a heart within a heart. The two pear shaped stones were the perfect choice to create a symmetrical heart; each one representing half of the couple. We had initially decided to use marquise stones but, as we wanted to create a sumptuous piece that would create a lasting impact, we decided upon two pear shaped stones. The two inner pears were created from individual gemstones; a blue sapphire and a beautiful green emerald. These were then set in a white gold bezel. In order to tie the colours together and represent the bond between this couple our client suggested surrounding each pear with a wall of flush set gemstones of the opposite colours to the pears. To complete the design, we encased the gemstones in yellow gold replicating the inner heart shape. The split shank brings a lovely balance to the piece which allows the ring to be extremely comfortable to wear.

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This was a bespoke commission - a design that we created specifically for one of our previous clients. We'd be delighted to create a bespoke ring to your specifications. Please feel free to get in touch:


See how our design process works - you design the perfect ring with a little help from us. We make it to order with the finest diamonds



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